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Creating an account with Primehealthnigeria.com is easy. All you need is your e-mail and a password you could easily remember. We also have the social login feature that allows visitors to login easily, so that they won’t have the “login/register” friction. You will be creating your profile, rate or review health care providers and facilities in no time!

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Submitting a listing using Primehealthnigeria.com is super simple,  Please enter all the required information marked * and others as desired. You can add photos and video showing your practice or facility. You are advised to only include your business phone numbers and not your personal one. All personal information including your e-mail address will not be shown to the public. Please remember all the submitted information are subject to verification and your listing will only be published after  verification and  approval.

3. Search for doctors of different specialties and health care facilities.

Our directory is simple to use. Just with a click you could get the information you need !  You could search by the name of the city or by the specialty your are interested in. Reviews and rating are provided by the public based on the perception of the quality of care received from the health care provider or facilities

4. Do you need any information about your care or have any question about your health and wellness?

Our health and wellness consult link you our health and wellness team who will respond appropriately in a timely manner to your questions. Please be advised that we do not provide treatment on this website, but we could advice generally on your health and wellness.

5. Read our Wellness Blog from our seasoned professionals

Learn  from our seasoned professionals and leave a  comment. We intend to provide you with practical advice on healthy living to help you get ahead and achieve your health goal


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